About Netrozo

We help clients save time.

Netrozo helps entrepreneurs and business owners save valuable time by managing and maintaining their websites so they can focus on building and running their businesses.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help clients succeed digitally. We provide services that retain our clients from spending their precious time on things that are not on their business plans, such as website design, web maintenance, and web hosting. With our services, entrepreneurs and businesses will have the ability to spend their valuable time where it matters the most–running their business and taking care of their clients.

Our Clients

Our affordable services: Designing, Updating, maintaining, and hosting their websites. These services enable them to focus on running, building, and caring for their customers.   

Our Story

Growing up, our founder Harold Datus always loved technology/fixing things. The idea of developing and designing websites for clients came to mind while maintaining and designing his clothing business website. He started working on websites because he could not find someone to create the website he desired, so he learned how to design, maintain, and host websites. Hence, he started spending more time working on his website than focusing on running his business; nevertheless, that business failed. Afterward, he found Netrozo so he could help save clients time working on their businesses rather than spending their valuable time working on their websites.

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Are you overwhelme with your website? We offer services that help businesses get online, and establish and grow online. At Netrozo, we will design, maintain, and manage your website so you can focus on running your business.

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